5 Skills you need to become an Awesome Copy Writer

ONE DEADLINES….. Depending  on how quickly the client gets the article determines your skill as a copy writer. With experience comes efficiency and speed. Raise your standards. Articulate and inspire!
TWO BE CREATIVE……Use words that are not repeated, stay away from everyday common cliche. Make the subject come alive, be interesting. Even though some subjects may not be considered exciting. Know your Grammar. Spelling. Knowledge of words.
THREE UNDERSTAND THE AUDIENCE…..You are going to have to research subjects that you aren’t familiar with and own them like there yours. where are you going to get the facts? Do you need complex documents or Google it? Write in the language that your client understands, be genuine.
FOUR UNDERSTAND SEO…..When you publish online use Search Engine Optimization. Google is going to look for related pages. So use keywords to gain visibility and improve your clients numbers.
FIVE AN EYE FOR HEADLINES…..That nugget of information that draws you in! Gets a quick, captivating, overview of the information! Learn the headline types. Use the best one for your audience.

Article inspired by Grace Carter.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay


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