Thanks for Going with me and trusting The Golden Shovel!

Here is the advice I can give you for building and useing a mailing list. And why you need one. Take heed to building a list. It is one of your best forms of traffic. It will never let you down, know that the other forms of traffic might and will let you down. Follow up the next seven days (the next seven days after the potential customer subscibes) with the same promotion for seven days in a row on your email auto responder. Use Payed ads to build your list. If someone Buys your product in seven days or less, skip a day and promote something else. I like Covert Kit because its free at first and it helps develop your skills as a newbie. 

Understanding E-Mail Swipes

Getting new customers and keep them coming back, like anything else takes patience. E-mail swipe files are the top converting subject lines that teach and inspire. Copy and past your swipe files into your email campaigns. Keep a collection of swipe copy to reference ideas in future campaigns. Keep large swipe files full of pictures, videos and copy to send and inspire in e-mail campaigns. Thanks and Good Luck,  Scrooge McCool.